[A copy of this message just went out to your uni emails]

Hello all!
This is to confirm the details about the exam that I outlined in the last two classes:
You may bring one letter-sized piece of paper (8 ½ x 11 inches), written on one or both sides, as you wish, into the exam with you. Any font size, colours, margins, etc. Printed or handwritten.
I suggest that at the least you include the titles of our writers and texts and the years in which they were written, and anything else you think you might find useful.
See you all soon!
Dr. J

I misspoke!

[This duplicates an email sent out to your UNB addresses]

In class this past Thursday, I blithely said that you were welcome to listen to music or ambient sound apps if that would help your concentration. One of you just queried me about whether that would be consistent with UNB regulations, so I checked. This is what the regs say:

UNB does not permit the use of personal communication devices during test or exam periods, in particular, devices that could potentially be used to communicate with others while writing an exam, or play back pre-recorded video, sound or text during an exam. Such devices include, but are not limited to, cell phones, pagers, text messaging devices, personal recording devices, PDA’s, personal computers including laptops, certain types of calculators and electronic translators. Using such devices during exams will be considered an academic offense as per Section VII of the University Regulations.

So, I am going to have to amend and/or clarify what I said in class: you are welcome to block out sound with ear plugs or noise-cancelling headphones, and you may also listen to music or other sound files on non-Bluetooth, non-wifi-enabled devices (if any of you even have any!) such as older iPods, etc., which use plug-in head-phones. If you want to go this route, try to come a few minutes early and talk to me so that i) we can make sure we are doing our best to be in compliance, and ii) you are covered because you have got my okay. This may be stretching the regulations, but given that you already are allowed a “cheat sheet,” a pre-recorded sound file would hardly be a temptation. But to be safe, have me okay your device and, thus, take on the responsibility should there be any question.

Sorry if this is adding to your stress when I was trying to do the opposite! I guess I got carried away with a vision of you all sitting in a row in the gym, each wrapped in a warm blanket, wearing fuzzy ear-muffs, with steam rising from a thermos in front of you.

Back to the salt mines.

Exam schedule

The exam schedule has been posted. Be sure to look it over to make sure that you don’t have any conflicts. The exam for this class has been set for Saturday, December 15, 2pm, in the gym. You will have a maximum of three hours. We will discuss it more as the term progresses.